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By Amari Martin

While looking through a window I can see three things:


I can see glass that holds a reflection of me. A reflection of the outside world that is not within my reach. A window with barriers is a thousand televisions playing different shows of the world. Through glass my eyes become radiant. Through the shadow of darkness the world glides. Everyone has emotions, you inhale breathing… breathing. You start to freak out. The wisdom within you can’t be contained anymore. My window, our window is always diverted, shifted, and recreated. We can consume so much information and wrap ourselves into a wind storm.


I see bright flashes of lightning shining like a golden platinum record. I see the sun’s rays bouncing of my skin. I lighten and brighten the darkness around me. My world revolves around me. I feel enchanted. Before I was planted and seated. Never will I show that I can’t be defeated. I can’t be contained. My inner beast is a dragon that will burn down decades, centuries, and generations of love that was never given to me. I always feel abandoned. Never well kept. I can’t sleep, think, or dream anything. I lost sight of everything in front of me. My bridge has fallen, my window has closed. I can see stars looking upon me giving me hope. They’re all together. It always shows that my great grandfather never left me.


No one wants a slow death. I’m always dropping my face into the wind. My thoughts are too well rounded to bend. I was born to write. I am glorious. Storms can’t stop me I’m always victorious. Time is fast pacing. Our lives are ticking down until the very last second. His heart dripped red kool-aid over and over until it’s no more. It turns into a watch that shows 0:00. His heart pounding and pushing blood out of his arteries into the real world — until its last beat.

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