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By Tameera Harris

The beautiful color of my skin
the poetic voice that comes from within
I credit to my ethnicity
being a black girl in Chi-city
isn’t so pretty
I have the ability to alter any public space
all thanks to the color inherited from my race
here, i have thousands of ebony brothers and sisters
so tell me why the hell do I feel out of place?
My mind is gold
my voice is sound
but that’s all disregarded
because my skin is brown
My black friends
we’re in this together
so why are you focused on bringing me down?
why are you trying to put me in the ground?
the white man we say, is all of our problems.
The truth is we just too lazy to solve em’
the truth is that we is creating more problems
by rarely debating on how we can solve em’

why should we solve them?

we complain about the feds
grittier than sand
R.I.P to my soul sister Sandra Bland
killing our brothers
woman being found dead, in cells
where are we heading jail or hell?
reality is we killing us too
homicides up to date?
93% of blacks were killed by blacks
remember that before you attack
so before you start bashing and jeering at cops
before you start screaming F the opps
remember you’re also the opposition
you have some nerve to talk in your position
GD, BD, killing each other, freely
I’m stuck in this world, free me
a tombs all that i see when i see me

How can we fix this?
i don’t want our children growing up in this world
blacks killing blacks
boys and girls

I’m telling you to stop

Remember what our ancestors did for us Rosa Parks, the back of the bus
Harriet Tubman risked her life for us
MLK had dreamed for the day
where we see ourselves as equal
and then act that way

stop killing each other
acting like fools
don’t blame the white man
cuz we killing us too.

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