Headliners hosting their own workshops

12:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Headliner Workshop with Alverne Ball 

Join headliner Alverne Ball in his workshop on writing comics. He will guide you through learning the basics of comic book scriptwriting by using different media forms to construct a producible script. Room 217

Headliner workshop with Jessie Ann Foley
Where I’m From: Using Setting to Build Story: Everybody comes from somewhere, and every story takes place somewhere. 

In this writing workshop, learn how to take the places you’re from and turn them into vivid fictional settings for your short story or novel! Room 216

2 – 3:15 p.m.

Headliner workshop with Alex V. Hernandez

Comic Book Journalism: Pop in and learn how investigative and graphic journalism roots out corruption in Chicago (whoa!) and how journalists (like me!) use comic book storytelling techniques in our reporting. Graphic Journalism combines the sequential art techniques normally used in comic books with traditional reporting to tell a feature story. Room 217

Headliner workshop with Alison Ogunmokun

Immerse yourself in meditative ekphrastic writing with poet, teacher, and comedian, Alison Ogunmokun. We’ll treat this space as a studio session and challenge ourselves to not only look at an image but imagine what it might feel like to inhabit and occupy different landscapes as ourselves, imagined characters, and beyond. Room 216

3:45 – 5 p.m.

Headliner workshop with Sejahari Saulter-Villegas 

What does the word movement mean to you?! Immerse yourself in an arts exploration of identity and social justice through the mediums of poetry and theater. Come see how Sejahari uses his playwriting and poetry to heal and to create space for him and others. Come explore how art can be a movement and how movement can influence your art! Room 217