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by ChiTeen Lit Fest

By Moises A. Perez

The bird works day and night,
it never stops without a fight,
it saves its life every time.

The helpless lives of a crime,
its wings clipped, but it still can fly,
Even if the winter’s dry.

It screams a battle cry, and yells “goodbye”.
To the ones it left behind,
it moves on to a friendly nest,
But knows it needs to leave for the best.

It wants to stay today,
but leaves, for it’s a monsters prey.

As for me, I will fly, fly high to the sky, I know I won’t touch the ground,
for like the bird I shall never be earthbound.

and if I do, that will be okay, for it is not the summer day,
and when the day comes, when I die, I know those who will cry,
but they will stay strong, and learn how to fly,
Like the bird in the sky, they too will say “goodbye”. To my soul that never leaves a friend behind.

For it defies man kind,
and destroys the Black Line,
for it becomes my pride,
designed by filth and from the power of the Lord,
never to be held by the cord.

For this work is the work of the bird,
let this voice be heard, for it is my soul,
calling for the broken, so they don’t burn from the coal,
that will come from the bowl.

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