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By Sylwia Szopa

My summers were filled with fairytales
Stories of magical lands and beings
Full of adventures.

Every day was filled with the laughter of children
And the barking of dogs
Always running
Always playing.

Building secret bases
In between the trees
Climbing boxes
To reach the top
The queens and kings
Rulers of the fields below.

Growing along the river
Picked by girls of all ages
Crowns that show their power
Represent the dreams they’re chasing.

Surviving on the land below us
And the water from the stream
Never coming home
For we live in the heart of our mother

Never alone
We’re always followed by the dogs that wait at our heel
Dressed in flowers and leaves
Chasing the evil away
Our saviors
Our Friends
Barking at the wind.

As the days come to an end
The ice cream drips down our hands
As we run to the pools
To catch frogs
And to see tadpoles grow.

Who can hold their breath the longest?
Who can catch the most frogs?
Who can swim the fastest?
Who can jump the farthest?
Are the games we are accustomed to playing.

As the sun starts to set
We cherish the golden glow
That fall upon our hair.

We climb the trees
Trying to grab the flickering lights
Dancing before the dark sky
We listen to the music of the night
And we swear we can fly.

We fall asleep on the beds of grass
With flowers in our hair
And the smell of roses in the air
Listening to stories
Of times before us
The life of our ancestors
Raised by the earth.

We were only children dreaming of adventures
And the fairytales we have loved
Of magical lands and creatures
That fill our summer days.

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