Hosted Workshops

12:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Get Published! A Step-by-Step Workshop 

Learn a step-by-step process on how to submit your work for publication and which magazines to target. Teens will walk away ready to start submitting to magazines. Room 600J

More Than a Single Story: How to Create a Multi-Genre Memoir with Senn High School 

Using the novel Darkroom, learn how to craft a variety of texts that work together to share the defining aspects of your identity. Room 807C

Video Games vs. Poetry with Keith Wilson 

From Mario, to Final Fantasy, to Call of Duty, the video game industry employs artists and writers of all kinds. But video game designers often get their starts reading and “playing” books: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books are very popular among game designers. Whether you’re interested in writing for video games or in writing poetry or stories, this workshop will teach you the basics of writing branching literature–stories and poems that let the reader decide where to go next. Room 807B

Writing for Activists with Lindblom Writing Center 

Want to voice your opinion on a certain issue, but don’t know how? Want to reach a wide range of people? Writers who have published in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Southside Weekly, Windy City Times, and more will help you get yourself and your message out there. Room 600H

Zine Making 101 with Chicago Zine Fest 

Discover the world of zines and make your own! Zines are self-published works that are usually photocopied and shared with others. The pages of a zine can hold just about anything you want to create: Personal stories, fiction, poetry, comics, photos, drawings, collages, and more. In this fun, interactive workshop, you’ll make your own mini-zine and contribute to a group zine that we’ll create together on the spot. Room 804C

2 – 3:15 p.m.

Culture Collage with Cristina Araxie Cass

Add your piece to the collage of culture and history that make up our community and make a zine to take home. Each teen will pick an object, and make a zine with a story, poem, comic, or other form of writing that explains the significance of that object to their family, culture, or community. We will take pictures of each of the pages of the zines to create a digital collage of our different objects and stories. Room 804C

Discovery of Self with MoZaic

Examine the experiences that have made you find yourself/art. The workshop will be focused around creative writing whether that be poetry, songwriting, scriptwriting, or another form. How does your art connect with you individually? Are you defined by your art or does your art define you? Get confident in your writing, connect with your creative side, and talk about why you create the art you do. Room 600H

Introduction to Podcasting with Blok by Blok

Our hands-on workshop will teach you the basics of podcast creation, from figuring out what you want to say, to recording good audio, to editing and distribution. You will get a Blok by Blok packet to take notes in during the workshop and take with you when it’s over. With these tools, we hope to empower you to explore the issues that matter to you and create critical content around those issues. Room 804B

Now that We’re Men: A Conversation 

Director/Playwright Katie Cappiello and the teenage cast of the critically-acclaimed play Now That We’re Men engage audiences in a workshop exploring masculinity, coming of age and sexuality. What to expect? A back-and-forth on power, consent, porn, manning up and getting girls (or maybe boys…). Katie and the cast (Caleb, Rayshawn, Jordan and Fred) wrestle with today’s culture in an uncensored way — come with an open mind and ready to challenge the status quo. Room 627

A People’s History of Chicago, by Teens, for Teens with Julian and Senn High Schools

Students counter the predominant negative narrative about Chicago with their own stories, research, and spoken word poetry. In this writing workshop, tell your own story about life in ChiTown. 

Room 807C

Pretty Is Me/Handsome I Am with Stephanie Gates 

Young people grow up with a narrow perspective of what it means to be attractive. This workshop is designed to help young people recognize and confront colorism–a form of discrimination based on skin color, hair, facial features and body image–in their life and work to create a healthier image of self while simultaneously broadening their concept of what it means to be beautiful. Room 600J

3:45 – 5 p.m

Chi-Town Stand Up with 826CHI 

Chicago is a city with so many untold stories. In this workshop, take a journey through the city by looking at its art, stories, and culture so that we can write our own truth about Chicago. You’ll have a chance to craft a piece of writing that tells the story of your home city. It’s time for you to put on for your city and show Chicago some love. Room 600H

Choose Your Sound: Tackling the Songwriting Process with Guitars Over Guns Alumni

Analyze the common elements of songs that are important to you and engage in brainstorming activities for lyric writing. You will have an opportunity to share your work in a judgment-free space and leave the workshop with a piece of work that communicates a message and is unique to you. This is a workshop led by Guitars Over Guns alumni who understand the unique power songwriters hold in our society to change the way people speak, act and feel. Room 216

On Getting Older Poetry and Zine Making Workshop with Brown and Proud Press 

Brown and Proud Press core members will lead a poetry circle and zine making workshop. The program will begin with a dialogue on what it feels like to get older and sometimes be misunderstood. As always, BPP aims to help our community heal through creating. Teens will read poetry on the topic and will have the opportunity to submit their original work to be included in a special edition ChiTeen Lit Fest “On Getting Older” collaborative zine. Room 804C

The Tough Stuff! with Veronica Rose Popp

This workshop will offer an overview of the history of family writing, writers who used their dark pasts to influence their award-winning fiction, including Sylvia Plath and Dorothy Allison. Armed with this knowledge, we will continue a family tale of our own. This workshop is perfect for emerging creative writers and lovers of literature to explore cultural and ethnic diversity of literature and learning to address various audience’s needs. Room 600J