The Moon Glows at an Unsteady Pace

By: Candy Rico

The moon glows at an unsteady pace. 

The wind blows caressing your face. 

Your red cheeks show that you’re still alive, 

that time is passing by.

Will you give your life another chance? 

Or will you scare yourself? afraid that this moment will pass.

Remember that memories are made out of glass. 

The seemingly clear surface can hide something heavy inside. 

The thin and breakable glass can mean the whole world to someone trying to escape from the other side.

You can see the struggle and despair but it’s an untouchable barrier.

Don’t panic because I’m afraid your heart will race. 

Beating in a second, letting the adrenaline escape.

The long lasting effects giving you a heart attack. 

Beat like a heart no longer afraid to let the blood pass by. 

Let the heavy disturbances stay out of your head.

The moon that glows at an unsteady pace, 

Its light is caressing your face.

Your cheeks grow red as time goes by,

Becoming shy at the attention of the moon.

Don’t worry.

If you look up at the moon

You’ll see that it’s light affects your life 

The stars are shining brightly

Just know

That you affect them too. 

No matter where you go

They will be there

The moon glows at an unsteady pace

The light that caresses your face turns your cheeks red

Don’t become shy at the attention of the moon

Its light is loving you

If you look up at the moon you’ll see that there is light

Even though the darkness the night brings overtakes you in sleep

Remember that if you look up there will be light

So please remember

Look up when it’s night and your eyes become drowsy

There will always be a faint light

Wherever you go

Even in the shades of dark mountains

Maybe you can’t see it right now but trust me 

It is always there,

In the darkness of the night.