Interactive Activities

Located on the 1st & 8th floors from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.


Chicago Public Library

Join Teen Librarians to make your own block printed fabric bookmark using pre-cut stamps and ink! Find out how and where you can create music, fashion, movies, and more at CPL.
8th Floor


ChiTeen Lit Fest Flash Chats & Info Table

Go live with ChiTeen Lit Fest (CTLF) and record a poem, story, thoughts, whatever tickles your fancy! Or are you feeling lost? You don’t know what program to go to next? No problem! Check-in with one of our CTLF teen staff to help point you in the right direction, share more info about CTLF, and make a button!
8th Floor


College & Collage

Come and make a custom collage bookmark at this open-studio activity. No experience necessary! Are you also curious about an education or career in the arts? Bring along your questions and chat with Ava about college art programs, portfolios and career paths while you collage.
8th Floor


Poems While You Wait with ChiArts

Come and have a custom poem or story written just for you right on the spot! ChiArts Creative Writing students will compose for you your very own sonnet, cat poem, or superhero adventure. This year you can try the typewriters out for yourself! Write your own poem or short story!
1st Floor Entryway


Scanning/Archiving Station

We will have a (very) hi-resolution scanner that can create web and print ready files from your drawings, writings, anything on paper, and developed film negatives. This will help you post your content online, submit your art to open calls, or have a nice digital copy to keep on your computer or phone. We will also show you how to take fun experimental selfies with the scanner!
8th Floor



Interested in playing with audio? Want to put a new spin on historical conversations? Spend a few minutes with Allison and Jen from the Studs Terkel Radio Archive and produce remixes of conversations from Chicago’s past.
8th Floor


Yollocalli’s La Mesita: A Multimedia Project

La Mesita is Yollocalli’s youth led radio and video series focused on covering the music scene of Chicago’s teens and young adults. We are hosting an interactive workshop for all to learn how to create imaginary spaces using a green screen and tools available on the internet for YouTubers, live streaming, broadcasting video games and more!
1st Floor in The Haus


You CAN Go to College for This!: Meet and Chat with Columbia College Students

Pick the brain of a college student who is studying writing and find out what it really takes to follow this path.
1st Floor Entryway