Interactive Activities

Located on the 8th floor from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Chicago Public Library

Block Printing: Join us and make your own block printed fabric bookmark using pre-cut stamps and ink!


PopTech: Tilt Brush VR (description) Bring your story’s world to life with Tilt Brush, a VR experience that hands you a magic wand to draw in 3D. Move around your canvas to create immersive worlds or whip up creatures with a swing of your hand.



ChiTeen Lit Fest Flash Chats

Go live with ChiTeen Lit Fest and record a poem, story, thoughts, whatever tickles your fancy! Stop by the ChiTeen Lit Fest table to record a flash podcast immortalizing you here and now.


Cypher Podcast with Street Level Youth Media

Cyphers are conversations on topics that matter, where you can make your voice heard and hear the different perspectives of others. The microphone is in front of you and all ears await your thoughts. Cypher podcasts have been great opportunities for youth to connect with other youth with similar interests. The cypher podcast has also been on the road to the Museum of Contemporary Arts & the Art Institute.


GEAR UP Student-Led Interactive Media Table and Gallery

An exhibition of teen writing, artwork, zines, comics, digital sound, and visual media, and mini activities presented by teens from schools across Chicago.  Works address the 2013 CPS school closings, the cultural riches of Chicago’s Westside, the value of telling your own story vs. letting others tell it, and the legacies of Chicago Women of Color.


You CAN Go to College for This!: Meet and Chat with Columbia College Students

Pick the brain of a college student who is studying writing and find out what it really takes to follow this path.


Modge Podge Poetry with Henry Williams Love Foundation

Create keepsake poetry on canvas using newspaper, magazine, paint, and other craft materials.


Poems While You Wait with ChiArts

Come and have a custom poem or story written just for you right on the spot! ChiArts Creative Writing students will compose for you your very own sonnet, cat poem, or superhero adventure. This year you can try the typewriters out for yourself! Write your own poem or short story!


Invited Organizations (This part is the same and only the time changed from two years ago. We are not listing individual organizations like we did last year.)

We have invited writing organizations, colleges, zine & comics distros, and book sellers from across the city to the fest. They will be showing off what they have to offer all day long. Pop-in to find out about programs you can join now, colleges you can apply to with writing programs and communities of writers around the city.


1st floor Conaway Center from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Street Art in Words: A Wabash Arts Corridor Instagram Tour

The Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC) is a powerful ‘living urban canvas’ for creative expression and innovation in the arts. The WAC is home to over 40 large-scale murals and installations by some of the most famous street artists in the world, including Shepard Fairey, Claudia “MadC” Walde and Ouizi, and Chicago’s own Sam Kirk, Ruben Aguirre and Gloe One. Take a walking tour of the WAC, jot down your thoughts and get some Instagram worthy photos!