Lack Luster Reaction of Getting Who You Want/Crushing

By: KJ Royalty

Beauty undefined, 

Just to be redefined, 

Light Skin, 


Goddess on a pedestal, 

Lips dripping’ honeydew,

Just to satisfy my sweet tooth,

Dark skin,


Sun kissed melanin,

Empowered by enlightenment,

That caramel grin,

Full of sin,


Seeing you from afar is so pleasing,

But having you up close,

Has me stuck in this still pose,

I’m nervous,

Can’t speak a word,

You seemed to be perturbed,

I’m sorry but your beauty up close and personal,

Has my lungs jumping through hurdles,

I like you but it’s hard to talk to you,

So close yet so far away,

I got you stuck in my mental,

You got the juice,

And you know it,

All I think of is you,

But I can’t have you,

Wanting to do everything,

But since I was the side affection,

When others wasn’t doing right by you,

My heart flew,

But not to you,


But another, 

Making my heart flutter,

Hearing that voice,

Feeling stuck in a void,

Just you and I,

Wanting you like the last slice of pie,

You were mine,

Until another time,

Your initials, 

That’s all I can think of as a tattoo,

Though rejection,

Would leave permanent L’s etched into my skin, 

I want you but do you want me?

Stuck in a mystery,

Seeing a picture of you,

Seeing you do you is suffocating, 

As if you’re holding the noose,

Knowing my heart beats for you, 

And no one else in the room, 

I mean my office, 

No my mental,

Love isn’t a rental,

But I’ll put you on a lease,

Not paid on time I’ll have to evict you,

“We can be friends…”

Can we..?