My smile

By. Jordan Linson

People wonder how I stand my ground with a smile

I am a youth in care with a story to tell, a person who isn’t impaired

I might be annoying, goofy,loud but never foul

Understanding life isn’t fair as an youth in care evidently you’re scared.

Understanding life is such a disgrace

From the percentage of youth dying everyday

This world is cruel with no escapes

Known of disappointment, Shame,and pain

Knowing the world is full of people who are insane.

As I am still in pain and broken everyday

Understanding your Life could be taken

Know that it only take 1 mistake

I might be still breaking but my goals and dreams have be awakened

People wonder how I stand my ground with a smile

Even when I feel not at home and alone

Living as a Foster child while on trial

God said “ it’s time to be on your own and take over your throne”

Blaming God for this situation because my life isn’t perfect

He told me “ Your life isn’t the greatest but baby girl smile because you’re

worth it”.