Two Sides

Hey guys! In my past few weeks of working with the ChiTeen Lit Fest’s Creative Marketing Team, I have not only found a passion that I did not know that I had before, but I am getting more and more excited for the fest itself. I am a writer, actress, (aspiring game-player) and poetess. The three of these interests might not always go hand in hand, but ChiTeen Lit Fest’s workshops make them collide in ways that I never anticipated. One of last years popular workshops was Video Games vs. Poetry. I would definitely attend this workshop because it puts two of my keen interests together.
Working with the ChiTeen Lit Fest has also helped me explore my creative side through posing for photo and videos. This is a similar takeaway that one will have after going to the actual festival. Your creativity will be sparked almost immediately upon arrival.
I can’t wait for the fest, and I hope you can’t either!

-Stay kind and don’t be too Chi