Sonnet in memoriam of a Squirrel

By: Nina Fonseca

On a cold November evening, I got a text from a friend.

T’was a request to hang out before the week’s end.

We were to meet at Joy Yee, a short walk from my home,

So I laced up my shoes and set out alone.

I walked quickly down my silent street,

The only sounds were my footsteps on concrete.

All of a sudden, I stopped in my tracks

I noticed a squirrel, lying still in my path.

What alignment of stars led me to this tragic scene?

Why, at this stage of life, should the squirrel and I convene?

I do not doubt that others had passed, and thought of vermin.

Thus it fell to me to oversee the squirrel’s internment.

I rang my friend to say I would be late, and she forgave.

Then I hurried home, in order to dig a grave.