Survival of Our Generation

By: Kj Royalty

Got something boggling my mental,

Have you ever just wanted to cock back the pistol, 

And fire a couple shots to yo temple, 

In the midst of the brainwashed, 

Sometimes makes the train stop,

Instead of our fists held high,

They stay at our sides,

Or behind our back in cuffs,

Fighting against this pain,

Makes me wanna stand in the rain,

Hoping the next day would go my way,

Bust instead the world grows cold,

All everybody wants is to be bold,

Men tryna make these girls fold,

Women wishing to do what they are told,

But don’t..?

It’s confusing,

The generation where everybody is using,

Chasing fame,

Over being one in the same,

But won’t join up for unity,

Hop in the jag,

But when it comes to responsibility,

Doing the dash,

Type of generation,

I’m conceited, 

So I bleed on anyone that isn’t on my side,

Type of generation,

But don’t want to face it,

Here is how to NOT to survive

Everytime I wake up,

I stay with all this pain tucked,

Stay having to wear this makeup,

To show that “I’m happy”,

Thought being where I am would be a remedy,

But instead it was just cuttin’ me,

Now I’m numb,

To the bone,

I can’t see full view,

Got me wondering what I’m missin’ too,

The path wasn’t replicated,

Layin’ in bed tryna get medicated,

Was on the rise,

No hesitation

Wiped the tears from my eyes,

Like I could make a statement,

The devil stares me in the eyes,

Fillin’ me with lies,
Like I could ever be this guy,

And I did.