To My Father

By: Cielo Marie Bernard

Dear Daddy,

I write a letter, as you have to me

so you can see…

your daughter.

We got the same face,

but not the same brains.

You gave us some space,

you missed the big-bang.

But now I am drained.

Dear Dad, 

I have so much to say.

while you were away,

your daughter grew up.

your daughter got strong

while you were away

she wished you weren’t gone

but she got along.

while you were gone.

she wished you were strong.

while you were gone

your daughter moved on

while you were away

she wished you had stayed, 

you pushed her away.

To My Father,

It is lonely, but it is solely

What you’ve done to me

I’ll be your friend

We’ll make amends

But in the end

I can’t pretend

That we can mend.