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Kickoff Party Performers

Roy Kinsey

Kinsey will be displaying his musical talents during the kickoff party! Check out some of his work on his website to prepare yourself for the jams to come!

DJ Lisa Decibel

Music producer Lisa Decibel will be the DJ at the Kickoff Party for CTLF. Check out her Soundcloud to get a taste of her style!

Featured Guests

Alex V. Hernandez

Alex is an assistant editor at In These Times magazine but his reportings also appears in several other media mediums. During his workshop he will demonstrate how to use comic book journalism to tell a story.

Alison Ogunmokun

MFA candidate Alison Ogunmokun is a poet, teacher and comedian. Ogunmokun’s workshop will deal with immersing yourself in creative writing that deals with occupying different landscapes.

Alverne Ball

Alverne Ball is a project manager and writer that specializes in proof-of-concept graphic novels and short/long-form animation. Ball’s workshop is geared towards comic writing basics using different media forms.

Jessie Ann Foley

Jessie Ann Foley is an English teacher for Chicago Public schools who holds a MFA in fiction writing. In Foley’s workshop you will be learning to take places you’re familiar with and turn them into vivid fictional settings for your writing.

Sejahari Saulter-Villegas

Sejahari Saulter-Villegas is a social activist who gets his messages across through poetry and play writing. During Saulter-Villegas’ workshop you will explore identity and social justice through different mediums of theater and poetry.

Harold Green

Harold Green is a poet, motivational speaker and author. His storytelling and passionate lyrical delivery continue to captivate audiences both domestically and internationally.


FRI Party:
Harold Washington Library Center
401 S. Plymouth Ct.

SAT Fest:
Columbia College Chicago
623 S. Wabash Ave.



April 13: 6pm-10pm

April 14: 10am-6:30pm


5 Headliners + many special guests!

About This Event

ChiTeen Lit Fest aims to provide a safe and creative space for young adults to unlock and discover their unique voice through literary arts. ChiTeen Lit Fest seeks to bring together young people from across Chicago and celebrate their talents as they express themselves through exceptional and honest art

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