V-Day Massacre

by ChiTeen Lit Fest

V-Day Massacre

By Zilva Asif

Valentine’s Day
Highschool five miles away
Expelled for disciplinary reasons
Now back with a .223 caliber AR-15 rifle,
Concealed in
Gold vehicle, keys in
Walking purposefully
In school, determinedly
Rifle out, fire alarm
Out of classrooms, confused not calm
Semi Automatic fire, one shot in the arm
Ushered back in class, Mr.Beigel, a sentry
Just another drill, a more realistic one, maybe
No drill, body crumpled to the floor
At the classroom door
2:23 pm
911, it has to be a student
East to West stairwell, quick movement
Social media, texts, a glimpse into the horror
Blood stained floored, horrific screams
‘My school is being shot up’, trembling hands,
Hiding in the corner
Bodies, bullet-strewn classrooms
Shhh, silence, no volume
Drops rifle, out the building
Among the kids running
SWAT pushing doors, who is it, 911,
Do we let them in?
Didn’t know who it could’ve been
Typical highschool student,
Maroon polo shirt
Surrendered without incident
3:41 pm
Suspect detained
Motives Unexplained
14 injured, 17 dead
No change,
Another statistic you just read

-wrote this after the Florida school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school

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